At ground level, it can be hard to get the full picture. Using drones, your jobsites can easily be monitored to understand if the project is ahead or behind schedule. We work with you to set a custom shooting frequency to ensure it's one less thing for you to worry about.

Have a property to sell, with distinct features like great expanses of land, or nestled next to a beautiful lake or surrounding trees? Let our drones capture the full breadth of the property so your potential buyers see the full picture. 

Having an event that could really use that interesting perspective? From marathons, to outdoor car shows, to state fairs...let us provide aerial and traditional photography and video to show the grand scale of your next event!



Although the use of drone photography and videography has moved to the mainstream only a few short years ago, it is now being heavily relied upon to show locations in a new perspective. Drones have allowed for unprecedented safety (in search and rescue, for example), as well as TV and film cost reduction.

At Eye in the Sky Studios, we use drones to capture and preserve your experiences and events, as well as enhancing your business portfolio.

Our fleet of unmanned aircraft are equipped with high resolution 4K cameras, collision avoidance and precision hovering to provide excellent aerial coverage, as well as safety.


We take pride in the details.


From the initial photo and video capture, to final editing and music, we make sure you're involved in the creative process from start to finish. Our goal is to ensure the final production delivered to you is exactly how you imagined it.


—Jake Vukich, St. Joseph Parish Carnival Co-Chair


—Paige Howard, Executive Director, Mount Harmon Plantation

—Betsy Kulman, Content Producer


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